I have in a longer time had the idea to start an outdoor brand. Not like all the others but different. That is an easy thing to write, but doing it and succeeding is a harder. Especially as no precise concept is at hand.

Therefore I have created this site where I hope that both people that I know and people that I do not know yet will read and go into a dialogue. I hope that some of the ideas is picked up by larger companies, that outdoor geeks around the world will find the content interesting and that I will in time be more certain if or how I should create a outdoor company. If a outdoor company think that I could be attractive either for a short period or as a employer do not hesitate to contact me.

The articles as I would like to call them are categorized in either development of concepts, reviews or experiences. I have also categorized these articles into which equipment is in the article.

There wil be uploaded a new post the first and last Wednesday of each month.

Hope you will commend.