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I am not good at blogs that aims to give tips and tricks for everyday life. Therefore I would start this article by saying that this is not going to be a general tendency that the moral is a tip. But for once it will be. Lucky enough this small idea refers to a summer trip in 2012.


My friend Kasper and I, yea Kasper is the one on the picture above, we had planned a two weeks holiday in Chamonix France. The plan was to use the first week together with our common friend Esben and two of his friends. The aim for the first week would be to acclimatize and take a shot on Mt. Blanc. I had been there two times before, the last time with Kasper and another friend. When we got the opportunity to join them in the first week we saw it as a perfect opportunity to have some fun with friends, acclimatize and transport together. The second week we were on our own, but I would describe that in another article.

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After some acclimatization we had a day where Kasper and I climbed by our self. The route was chosen as they often are: first we find the type of climb, snow, rock or mountain. Then we find the level we are able to climb and how much we want to push our self. Then thirdly we find a route that looks like a nice experience, have a greate name or both. As this is a French area the routes often get renamed. The route choosen was the fairly easy bolted ‘Voie Ravanel’. The route was renamed ‘The whale’. The route is as written bolted, 400m with approximately 16 leads in the range of 5b/5c max. the approach was 35min from index chair lift.


The weather looked from the valley to be nice, the weather forecast. We focused on a light and fast trip, maybe too light. We had to take two lifts to get to the end of index chair lift. When riding second lift the sky slightly changed, it was getting cloudier, but we still decided to give it a go.


The approach would have been easier if we had brought crampons on the way. I think that it took us about 10-15 min more than the guidebook said which means 45-50 min approaches.


Besides all the problems with the equipment that we did not bring then another problem occurred. As it turned out that the guidebook was soaked through. The pages are now stock together and I am not able to use that much of the book.


But I have found that the chain store IKEA has some self-closing bags. They fit with most of my guidebooks, and the larger ones in the larger size. They are lightweight and are not that easily broken. So my advice is if you bring a guidebook, use those bags.


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