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Flexible harness

Background: This idea origins from a ice climbing trip to Rjukan. I was climbing with one of my friends, I was leading a multipitch route and my friend was climbing second. This means that he was cleaning the ice wall for the ice protection that I have placed. I was fascinated with the way he was using his harness. He was using the ice clippers both for ice screws and quickdraws.


Current stage: First of all a harness is mostly made with four loops. Some are made for ice and alpine, and will have small ice clipper holds. Some sports harnesses only have two loops, and some minimalist harness have one or non. The common thing is the placement of the loops.


[drawing of harness types]


My idea is to make a harness without gear loops or ice clippers. The harness will be made with a tape that enables the loops to be placed where the user would like them to be. This means that my friend is able to have only two loops in the back and four ice clippers in the front instead of ice clippers.


I had an old harness that was broken and therefore not usable for climbing. By sewing in this I have tried to make a function model. The gearloops are the same, cut off and with some metal wire made into loose parts. If my friend needs to go on a new sports project we can limit the weight to one gearloop as shown:


Benefit: The benefit of the system is that you will be able to adjust one harness to the specific use that you are going to do. This means that if you are climbing sport and want a lightweight and simple you can go with few gear loops. If you like my friend would like to have a lot of ice clippers close to your front you can do so. If you climb a route that require you to get close to the wall on one side and have all your gear on the other, simply remove the gearloops from the one side and add more to the other. The concept is easy implementable.


Drawback: The concept requires that the users have some pre-understanding of the use of the harness. They can of cause experiment with the placement in the climbing gym but the development have been done on people having an offset. If this concept was implemented it would require standard guides to specific sports and how to place the loops, I intent to make an article about this later.

The concept gives more loose items such as gearloops that can disappear.


Potential: In my opinion I would make the strap with the military standard Molle. This would allow the harness to be used together with all military accessory such as camera purse or water bottle holder. This would be nice on a hot day climbing an easy multipath where you don’t want to have a backpack.

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